Scott’s approach combines:

  • Cordial, professional interactions: Scott is a “people person” who believes that effective dispute resolution, even in the most challenging cases, can and should preserve interpersonal decency, courtesy, and respect while staying within appropriate professional boundaries.
  • An emphasis on efficiency: Scott keeps mediation and arbitrations focused and practical, avoiding unnecessary delays that can be frustrating for everyone. Working with the parties, he sets and sticks to a clear process and delivers efficient, cost-effective results.
  • A rigorous commitment to fairness: Scott ensures that both sides have a full opportunity to lay out their concerns, positions, expectations, and the facts as they understand them. When acting as an arbitrator, he reaches his decisions in a scrupulously independent and impartial manner, based solely on the application of the relevant legal and contractual text to the evidence and arguments presented, in writing and verbally, by the parties.
  • Exceptional clarity of analysis and communication: In both discussions and written documents (such as settlement minutes, procedural and arbitral decisions, and investigative reports), Scott uses plain, logical language to clearly and succinctly explain the issues, the parties’ positions, his conclusions, and the reasons for those conclusions.

This combination of skills allows Scott to run mediations and arbitrations that respect parties’ autonomy and produce a timely, full, and final resolution of the matters in dispute between them.