Scott offers confidential, independent, and impartial mediation, arbitration, and med-arb services in respect of domestic and international commercial, labour, and workplace disputes.

Any of these ADR processes can be undertaken by Scott on an expedited basis, if the parties agree. Expedited processes are governed by a set of relatively tight time frames and limits on the length of written submissions. These parameters allow for the mediation, arbitration, or med-arb process to be completed in a particularly focused, timely, and predictable fashion.

In the arbitration context, Scott can act as a sole arbitrator or as the chair or a member of an arbitral panel. As the former Chair of the Canadian Transportation Agency, he has significant experience and skills as a neutral chair who keeps panels working together effectively and arbitrations moving forward efficiently.

In addition to mediations and arbitrations, Scott is able to conduct independent, impartial investigations of sensitive and complex workplace issues, including alleged harassment, discrimination, or misconduct. Investigations typically result in a report that assesses the issues and recommends what steps, if any, should be taken in response to the situation.

Scott is available to provide any of his services in-person or virtually.